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Module construction / assembly

The AHU’s is of the self-supporting type without framework, and of perfectly smooth metallic interior construction without any visible screws. The liaisons between modules ensure perfect continuity of the air passage tunnel with thermal bridge breakage and a smooth interior finish without any rough points at the joining surfaces to prevent any dust build-ups encouraging microbial growth.

Hexagonal inserts are factory-fitted and pre-positioned to ensure perfect compression of the tightness seals between the modules during assembly on site

The modules are fastened from the outside by means of a thermal bridge breakage system (angle pieces and bolts). All internal electrical components and entire AHU are earthed

The AHU’s are delivered with continuous base frame. This base frame comprises the required openings of sling hooks / handling as well as openings for attaching rubber pads.

Fresh air / exhaust air weather hood equipped with bird screen is available as optional.

The panels are of the double skin type with a uniform thickness of 50 mm, Insulation can be

The construction of the access doors is identical to the AHU’s panel construction.

The hinges are of the polyamide (anticorrosion) offset type.

The door locking system comprises progressive tightening, “rotor” locking handles for door alignment and perfect seal continuity (on both the positive pressure and negative pressure sides) between the doors and the panels.


Air Pre filter & Pad filter

HDPE Washable filter & Roll type filter


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