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Shot Blasting System

Shot Blasting is a process under which a jet nozzle is used as a channel to force steel shots with the help of compressed air or wheel type machine. This method is vastly used in the industry and has proven to be a fast and effective way of cleaning and preparing surfaces for recoating.

Shot blasting can be used to clean hardwood, metal, brickwork, concrete or stone.


  • Airless abrasive shot blasting machine
  • Blasting systems for various applications
  • Blast room with semi auto & auto recovery systems
  • Cyclone dust collectors
  • Automatic media recovery systems
  • Fabric type dust collector
  • The resulting surface is free from rust, paint etc. Our machinery is uniquely designed to give surface finish equivalent to Swedish standard SA2.5.


  • Removes rust, paint, grease, and scales from metal components
  • Imparts matt finish thereby improving aesthetics of the component
  • Improves quality of electroplating, painting, powder coating, or rubber lining
  • Provides skid proof property in case of marble and granite
  • Best in the market

Applications of Shot Blasting

  • CI & Steel castings
  • Non ferrous castings
  • Shot blasting
  • MS & SS fabricated components
  • Heat treated components
  • Reconditioned valves etc. and marble & granite

Application Areas

  • Automobile
  • Aviation Industries
  • Construction
  • Chemicals
  • Mining
  • Cookware
  • shot blasting
  • Off Shore
  • Steel
  • Pipe Industries
  • Marine & Ship Building
shot blasting system

shot blasting system

shot blasting system