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Spray Bake Booth (Indiana II)

Consultech’s engineering and designing team are dedicated to conceptualising, designing and manufacturing the most efficient Spray Bake Booth Systems. Right from conceptualisation to installation, our team at Consultech has acquired unparalleled proficiency in specialised applications that require higher efficiencies or controlled environments. Our Standard Paint Spray Bake Booth systems are the most sought-after in the market and are available ex-stock. In addition to manufacturing a standard rage of Spray Bake Booths, we also manufacture efficient customised products that suit the varied requirements of our clients.

Which is the best Spray Bake Booth in the market? It’s Consultech!

Process Principal

Painting Cycle

The suction and exhaust damper remain in the open position. The solvent laden air escapes through the exhaust duct while the blower works as the fresh air blower. Heating would be turned off during this time.

Drying Cycle

The suction and exhaust damper remain in the closed position while inside the chamber, the blower circulates the air over the Heater Box

Features & Benefits

  • Most efficient methodology of containing over-sprayed paint
  • Chamber construction: Modular panel construction with proper insulation material (50 mm thick).Service door provided with wide opening for vehicle entry & exit. Super glass provided on main door panel for good working transparency.
  • Touch up as well as painting: In our design touch up painting as well as regular car refinishing could be processed.
  • Operator comfort: Filtered air supply & exhaust system provided during painting.
  • Painting & drying cycles are fully automatic.
  • Temperature is maintained at 60 C temperature for 30 minutes for drying the surface finish
  • Paint over- spray is restricted to a specified area
  • Maximizes environmental compliance through excellent over-spray collection
  • Safe:Minimizes the risk of fire that could be caused by solvent vapours and overspray deposits
  • Conceptualised and specially designed for severe industrial environment conditions
  • State-of-the-art workmanship
  • Superior construction is achieved as the booth is constructed by nut-bolt
  • High efficiency ensured by the advanced dry paint arresting filters design
  • Hundreds of installations globally
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Optimum use for all type of paint applications
  • Complies with international health & safety standards
spray bake booth
spray bake booth
spray bake booth
spray bake booth

Technical Specifications
Overall Dimensions 7200 L x 5700 W x 3200 H (mm)
Working Dimensions 7000 L x 4000 W x 2500 H (mm)
Fresh Air Filter Special bonded filter down to 5 microne
Service Door 700 W x 2000 H (mm)
Illumination Twin type industrial tube fitting - 6 x 80 W
Drying Temperature 60 C
Exhaust cum Hot air circulation blower 1 x 24000 M3 / Hr
Motor rating 1 x 10 HP
Thermal rating 1,18,000 Kcal / Hr.
Electrical supply 220-230 Volts, 50 Hz